Why Are Music and Art So Important?

Experience Preschool is an arts-infused curriculum, so your children have daily opportunities to sing, dance, create art and participate in dramatic play.

Why are music and art so important?
Here are 7 reasons:

Early musical development builds fundamental auditory and rhythmic understanding and increases spatial temporal reasoning (Schiller, 1999).

Creating art enables children to develop fine motor skills, hand-eye discrimination (Koster, 2005), visual discrimination (Morrow, 2007) and foundational math skills (Roberts & Harpley, 2007).

Art increases a child’s problem-solving skills
(Douglas, 2001).

Dramatic play supports the development of long-term memory and increases mental capacities for recall (Liebermann, 1995).

Children use props in dramatic play and dance to demonstrate the ability to think symbolically
(Miller & Gaskins, 2009).

Fundamental dance techniques help children develop coordination, balance, sequencing, and spatial awareness skills (Rupnow, 2000).

Art, music and dance invite children to develop social and emotional skills by symbolically representing their feelings, thoughts and imaginations
(Seefeldt & Galper, 2008; Gaskins & Miller, 2009).

Each monthly theme includes daily art projects and a CD with 12 original songs with dance ideas perfect for preschoolers. The music is also available on all of your favorite streaming services so that both you and the children’s families can enjoy singing and dancing at home or school. 

Come Sing, Dance, and Create with us this school year!

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