How Was Your Day?

Start a conversation about your child’s work.

Each month, your child will be creating art, participating in classroom projects and sharing what she learned. Watch for exciting activities to come home and use them as communication tools to talk to your child about what she is learning. Here are some ways to navigate asking “How was your day?”

use art experiences to ask preschoolers "how was your day?"

Try asking these questions to learn more about your child’s experiences:

  1. Can you show me your favorite part of this project?
  2. How did you make it?
  3. Who else made a similar project? What else did you do with that friend?

It is often difficult for children to find the words to express their ideas or feelings. Use movement or visual aids to help your child show you her choices or feelings. Use this feelings poster and ask your child to point to the way she felt during different parts of her day. How did you feel during circle time? Snack time? Nap time?

Download the Feelings Poster

Use the How Are You Feeling? poster to ask your child, “How was your day?”

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