Summer Camp Adventures

Join us for an amazing summer camp adventure! Plan your summer with Experience Curriculum and review the Summer Camp Adventures! Treasure Island, Let’s Go Camping & Let’s Be Superheroes.

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With Experience Curriculum you can learn and have fun year-round!

Our Summer Camp themes are a great way to keep children engaged while they explore high-interest topics such as: At the BeachTreasure HuntCamping ChallengesSuperhero Training, and more!

Download our Summer Camp starter kit, which includes:

  • full list of our summer topics, including a description and quick peek at one of the many daily activities that will be included in your summer camp curriculum kits
  • Postcards to print and send to families, keeping parents engaged with their child’s learning
  • Yard signs to put outside, building excitement for your community as you plan for summer

Download the Booklists

Looking for a preview of the Summer Camp themes? We will preview tools and materials for month-long thematic adventures for each exciting camp.

> Click here to watch the Summer Camp Adventures Sneak Peek Recorded Video

Treasure Island Experience Preschool | June 2023
Let’s Go Camping! | July 2023
Let’s Be Superheroes | August 2023

Join us for some summer fun! Grab your summer kits today!