Create an African Necklace

During their early years, children become aware of their surroundings. They start noticing the differences and
similarities of their peers and things around them. This is an important time for parents and teachers to help children attain a positive attitude and perspective of themselves and of different cultures.

We can help by talking to children about differences and similarities we share with others in this world. Through these experiences, children can feel proud of who they are and appreciate diversity in themselves and others. As a result, children learn compassion and empathy, which are valuable character traits as a young person and as they get older.

The Beads lesson from Going on Safari explores community and culture through process art.

The Maasai tribe, located in southern Kenya, has been creating beaded jewelry for a very long time. Besides clay, bone, wood, copper, and brass, colorful beads are used to create necklaces to indicate someone’s age, social or marital status, or to represent emotions or nature elements like sky and earth. During this Invitation to Create, children use a paper plate to create a necklace form then used a cotton swab to add a variety of colorful paint as decoration.

When children are given the opportunity to create their own designs, they develop self-confidence and a sense that there is no wrong way to be creative. Art is smart! But why?

Read How to Set Up an Invitation to Create

Download and print the Inspiration Photo and Title Card. Set out the Inspiration Photo and additional materials. The children will be painting paper plate necklaces with cotton swabs and different colors of paint.

You may also want to include other art materials like markers, crayons or oil pastels.

Trays contain the mess and make clean up easy.

After creating their African Necklaces, children can wear them and explore threading beads.

Download the African Necklace Inspiration Photo and Title Card and set up your own Invitation to Create!

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