Creating Nature Collages

Creating nature collages with toddlers is a great way to engage them in a fun and educational outdoor activity that helps them develop their creativity, fine motor skills, and appreciation for nature. Throughout the Experience Early Learning curriculum, you will find opportunities to incorporate nature items in art, math, science, literacy, games, and STEAM Stations.

create nature collages with items found outdoors - leaves, flowers, branches, grass, seeds
Nature Collage | Experience Toddler | July 2022 Art Studio

Creating Nature Collages

Here are some simple steps to follow for creating nature collages with toddlers using natural items found outdoors:

Collect natural items: Take a nature walk with your toddler and collect various natural items like flowers, leaves, pinecones, buds, grass, and seeds. Bring a basket or container to collect the items.

Find a canvas: Once you have collected the natural items, find a flat surface for your toddler to create the collage on. You can use a large piece of paper, cardboard, or even a paper plate.

Arrange the items: Encourage your toddler to arrange the natural items in a way that they like. They can create patterns or designs with the flowers, leaves, and grass or use the pinecones and buds to create a three-dimensional effect.

Glue the items: Once your toddler has arranged the items to their liking, help them glue the items onto the canvas. You can use glue sticks or white glue for this.

Let it dry: After your toddler has glued all the natural items onto the canvas, allow it to dry completely before displaying it.

Optional: You can also add other open ended craft materials to the collage to allow children to make individual choices in their art. Be aware, that too many options can be overwhelming for toddlers so limit the number of choices and be sure they are a safe size for them. Remember to always supervise toddlers during this activity and be mindful of any potential hazards since toddlers are prone to putting items in their mouth.

Creating nature collages with toddlers is a great way to encourage them to appreciate the beauty of nature and develop their creativity.