Advocating for Children in Your Community

When you thought about becoming an early childhood provider, you probably thought about how great it is to care for and educate young children. You may not have thought much about how legislation can directly impact your love and passion for young children.

Whether you are a Family Child Care Provider, an Early Childhood Teacher, or a Director and Administrator, your voice can make a difference. Within the last few years, the dynamics of the Early Childhood profession have changed, and it is now recognized as an essential piece of the education of the children in our society. The change is all due to the advocacy of early childhood educators like you.

Early Childhood Advocacy 

While the movement has seen a lot of great strides in our field, we still have so much more work to do. This work takes a combined effort of everyone in the early care and education field. Being an early childhood advocate is as simple as sharing your knowledge that the earliest years of a child’s life are a crucial time for learning. Using your passion to contribute to a powerful, collective voice allows the nation’s leaders to catch up with research about how early childhood contributes to brain development and the quality of communities for years to come.

Early Childhood Advocacy Unites Us!

Staying current with local, regional, state, and federal priorities allows you to know what is happening. I’m sure you are thinking, I am so busy. How do I have time to find out what is happening in legislation and read so many legislation bills? Professional organizations like the National Association for the Education of Young Children can help with these issues. Connecting with early childhood professional organizations supports your professionalism and allows you to advocate for change in your community. 

Check out the American Early Education NAEYC Advocacy Page to see where you can start advocating in your state.

As we move through our day-to-day schedule with children, we are helping them learn and develop. Our field is also learning and developing, and we must share that information with everyone. Join me as we continue to share how early childhood investments can pay off for all of society.

Kathy Banks

Kathy Banks, Educator Support Specialist for Experience Early Learning, has 35 years of early childhood education experience. She has held various positions, including teacher, director, multi-site director, Head Start director, CCR&R, and QRIS Director. She currently adjuncts at several colleges and universities and continues to support and inspire educators through training and practical strategies. Kathy is working on her dissertation to complete her Ed.D. in Early Childhood Education. Kathy is also a nationally certified Family and Consumer Science Developmental Educator.  Her experience and education make her a scholarly expert in child development and the realities and challenges of teaching and directing every day. 

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