Emotionally Safe Learning Environments

Create an emotionally safe learning environment where children can learn and grow from their mistakes. Learn positive discipline strategies to help children identify and regulate their big emotions.

Young children are just beginning to identify and explore their emotions. In any given day, a child will go from pure excitement to extreme frustration. They will cry, laugh, scream, and feel shy or embarrassed. Making sense of all these feelings for the first time is overwhelming for most children.

It is our job to model techniques for managing these big feelings so that everyone stays safe in our room. We can teach and support children to identify their feelings and then find strategies to manage them.

Looking for more information on positive discipline and practices?  Register for our Positive Discipline: Safe to Make a Mistake training and earn CED hours.

Take a positive approach with these six strategies for embracing big emotions with big compassion. Download and use the Positive Approach guide as a cue for how to respond when your classroom climate gets a little hot.  


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