Family & Pets Preschool Sneak Peek!

Looking for a preview of September’s Experience Preschool Kit? Get ready to be inspired!

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This month, your child will have the chance to discuss the people who are most important to him as he learns about who and what makes a family. He will explore ways to nurture and develop positive relationships with family members, friends and himself. He will create a family tree collage and play with dramatic play props. Through art, music and storytelling, your child will explore his feelings. While learning about different pets, he will practice taking care of pretend pets and learn about responsibility. At the end of the month, your child will learn character traits that will help him to be caring, generous, helpful, encouraging and cooperative.

In this 30-minute overview, we preview tools for a month-long thematic adventure into the people (and pets!) that are most important to us.

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