Find & Sort Hexagons Shape Activity

Toddlers explore the hexagon shape and sorting by color with this easy-to-set-up sensory tray activity.

Find & Sort Hexagons Shape Activity for toddlers - incorporating sensory play
Find & Sort Hexagons | Experience Toddler | April 2023 Birds & Eggs

Find & Sort Hexagons Shape Activity Skills

When toddlers participate in the Find & Sort Hexagons activity, they are learning about shapes and sorting. This Classification activity is about sorting foam hexagon shapes by color. For a more challenging activity, prompt Older Toddlers to sort the shapes by size.

Find & Sort Hexagons Shape Activity for toddlers - Experience Toddler curriculum

The blue and white foam hexagon shapes and the blue and white sorting cups are provided by Experience Toddler curriculum for this activity.

Adding a Sensory Component

We know young children learn best through hands on play, but sensory play is more than just fun! When children engage in sensory play, it encourages learning through exploration, curiosity, problem solving and creativity. Sensory play also builds nerve connections in the brain and is related to the development of language and motor skills. Sensory play is calming for young children and helps them self-regulate. Adding sensory play opportunities throughout the day not only keeps young children interested and engaged in the activities provided, it can help keep young learners emotionally regulated.

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By keeping your environment fresh and new, your children will be excited to continue to explore, play and learn every day.