How to Use the Circle Time Calendar

Wondering how to use the Circle Time calendar included in your Experience Preschool Curriculum? Read on for some ideas on how to use the calendar that is included in the Circle Time bag. Children are encouraged to touch and interact with the calendar but don’t worry about laminating or preserving the materials. Each month you will receive a new calendar that coordinates with the new thematic study.  

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How to Use the Experience Preschool Calendar

If you need help with all the materials provided for your large group display, read Setting Up Your Circle Time Display Once it’s on the wall at a level where children can interact with it, what comes next? Use the calendar to teach number recognition, counting, patterning, concepts of print, and plan for and countdown to upcoming events.

Introduce the Calendar

Each month, introduce the new calendar to the children during large group time. Put the calendar header above the calendar and talk to the children about starting a new month that’s called “September”. Write in the numbers on the calendar grid while the children watch you write and count along. Children may even be able to help write the numbers. Writing in the numbers allows the children to see how many days are left in the month and match the number cards to the grid.

Note Special Events

Make the calendar meaningful for the children by marking holidays and special events. Use stickers or a stamper to indicate birthdays or upcoming holidays. Talk about closing days, family days, parties or events the children may be looking forward to.

Attaching Calendar Numbers

Use tape or a glue stick to attach the calendar numbers. Try rubbing a bit of gluestick to the calendar grid spot and the child can place the card for a quick solution.

Instead of taping on all the pieces on the calendar, allow the children to build the calendar, one day at a time.  The calendar Little Helper of the day can put up the calendar piece.

Prompt children to choose the next number by providing two or three numbers to choose from.

If children do not recognize what number comes next, shift the focus from numbers to pictures on the cards, or the pattern on the cards.

Calendar Routines

  • Announce the day, date and year. Today is Monday, September 12, 2022, while pointing to the day of the week, month calendar header, and the number of the month.
  • Invite the calendar helper to put up the calendar number.
  • Talk about pattern pictures and colors on the calendar.
  • Talk about what will happen today, tomorrow, and later in the week or month.
  • Invite a helper to use a pointer to point to the numbers on the calendars and lead counting.

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