Keep It Positive!

When you are looking for ways to help your child behave, think positively. Research has shown that the behavior and reactions you show may set your child’s expectations. Here’s how to keep it positive!

Stay positive with these guidelines:

  • Keep irritability, anger and general negative behaviors from showing through. Even a forced smile can make us feel better.
  • Phrase your requests in a positive way. Instead of telling children what you don’t want (e.g. “don’t run”), express what you do want to see (e.g. “please walk”).
  • Replace sarcasm with constructive criticism. Children often misinterpret sarcasm.
  • Set expectations and, just as important, share expectations with your child. Avoid yells, threats or punishments.
  • Let guidance and praise replace teasing and humiliation. Your child’s self-esteem is extremely fragile and may be broken or boosted with each statement you issue.
  • Respect your child and his choices, belongings and emotions. Ask for a respectful attitude in return.
  • We all have “off ” days, but find a suitable way to work out your anger (e.g. exercise, writing or bubble baths). This doesn’t mean that your child should not see any emotions you have and the way you deal with them. Simply keep your emotions about you and not about your child to help him learn how to deal with his own emotions. Create a caring environment to help your child feel secure and loved.

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