Learning to Say Yes! Growing and Learning

Why Our Mindset Matters

When we think about ‘mindset,’ we may think about our state of mind. Our mindset is a mental lens we use to view the world. It allows us to use the information we receive daily and transform it into new learning. This new learning is either structured or unstructured. Structured learning is seen in our formal education, reading new information, and other lessons we use. Unstructured lessons are our experiences in life and work. But all unstructured or structured learning develops in our beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions that influence our behaviors.

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Our mindset can be defined as a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. A fixed mindset sees things as absolute. You are as good as you are going to be. Either you can play basketball or you can’t. Either you are good at math, or you are not. A growth mindset allows you to see all new information as an opportunity to achieve more. You may not know something…. YET, but you can learn. Both mindsets have a direct impact on how you receive new information.

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The Power of YES!

Something as easy as saying YES! It can directly impact our mindset. Saying yes doesn’t mean you know how to do it, only that you are willing to give the information a chance. Saying yes means you are accepting the idea of “not yet.” For example, someone may want you to try a new curriculum. While you may not have understood how to fully implement the curriculum, you said YES. Yes, to a willingness to allow the new information to impact your knowledge, yes to a learning curve of implementation and yes, to move forward into growing and learning to enhance your professional development.

You may have heard that a person who is not willing to learn can not be taught anything, but a person who is willing can learn everything. This phrase and understanding is all about saying YES. As you embark on new situations, classrooms, challenges, and experiences, are you willing to say YES? When we say YES, we no longer see the sky as the limit; we see the moon!

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Kathy Banks

Kathy Banks, Educator Support Specialist for Experience Early Learning, has 35 years of early childhood education experience. She has held various positions, including teacher, director, multi-site director, Head Start director, CCR&R, and QRIS Director. She currently adjuncts at several colleges and universities and continues to support and inspire educators through training and practical strategies. Kathy is working on her dissertation to complete her Ed.D. in Early Childhood Education. Kathy is also a nationally certified Family and Consumer Science Developmental Educator.  Her experience and education make her a scholarly expert in child development and the realities and challenges of teaching and directing every day. 


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