Writing Practice with DIY Gel Bag

Learning and fun go hand-in-hand. Try this activity to make letter writing practice efficient, creative and exciting for all ages!

As children gain interest in writing, they can go through a lot of paper as they practice writing a letter over and over. Try this gooey trick to save paper while practicing letter writing.

Hint: Add food coloring or glitter to make the gel even more enticing—be sure to use some packing tape to securely seal the top of the bag.

Now children have a “magic writing bag” on which they can write a letter and then erase it by squishing and squeezing the bag. Younger children will love exploring the bag and pressing on it.

As a child gets older, he may like to make intentional marks with his fingers by pressing into the bag. Eventually, the child will enjoy copying one of the Letter Cards as he writes on the bag. Gel bags are a great tool to engage all children at a range of different developmental levels.

Have fun writing on sparkly gel bags!