Member Resources – What’s Included?

With your purchase of Experience Preschool or Toddler, you also receive exclusive member access to many online resources that extend your thematic study and new tools that will help you market, manage and grow your childcare business.

Member Resources

Supply Labels

These labels go with the various activities you will introduce to your children throughout the month.
Just print and tape onto the box or tray where you will store the game. Print out another to put on the shelf where you want the child to store the box. Now your children can choose a game, play and clean up.

Book Lists

Every month, we recommend 20 books to pair with the daily topic. These are just suggestions and not necessary. If you do use these books, we also include a book label that you can print and tape onto your bookshelf. This will help children choose a book, read it then clean it up.

STEAM Project Displays

Every month, your curriculum guides explain how to set up 20 different STEAM stations. Each week features five. This year, we are giving you Big Question posters and Inspiration Photos and other printables to make set-up easier and more inviting to the children’s imaginations. We also include labels to put on the boxes that will hold the supplies you provide for the STEAM experience such as blocks, sticks or leaves. This will encourage children to touch, explore, experiment and then clean up.

Weekly Activity Skill Chart

This weekly Activity Skill Chart is printed in your Teacher Guide as well as on a poster for you to hang in your room. We also provide it digitally so that you can share it with families, licensing or your QRIS advisor if they request it.

Family Newsletter

The monthly family newsletter is printed and included in the Lesson 1 bag in your kit. We also include it here digitally in case you would like to email it to your families. Simply download and attach to any email.

Bonus Coloring Pages

The monthly bonus coloring pages are just a little extra fun. If desired, you can put these coloring pages in your Writing Area or use as a tabletop activity at the beginning or end of the day. There is one coloring sheet for each daily topic. Print as many as you’d like.

Digital Music

The monthly music is included in your Core Concepts bag as a CD. Playlists are also available digitally on Member Resources if you prefer to stream the music on your device.

Daily Routine Printable

Set up your daily routine with these printable picture cards. Invite children to follow along with “what comes next” throughout the day. We offer three options:
Baby Routine, Toddler Routine and Preschool/PreK Routine.

Besides the resources listed above, the following materials are available for you to use with your curriculum.

Additional Support Resources

  • Family Questionnaire
  • Curriculum Flyers (Baby, Toddler & Preschool)
  • Calendar Headers
  • Circle Time Songs
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Full Day & Half Day Schedules
  • Station Signs
  • Songs & Transitions
  • Color & Number Cube Cards
  • Word Wall Header Sign

Assessment & Portfolio Tools

  • Learning Portfolio Cover
  • Developmental Continuum of Skills Poster & Pages
  • Group Assessment Forms
  • Individual Assessment Forms (Baby, Toddler & Preschool)

Be sure to download the resources you wish to save, as they reset each school year.

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