Multi-Age Classroom? Dance for Every Age and Every Level

Do you have children of different ages or stages in your program?

Do you need activities that can engage all levels at the same time? Dance unites and is inclusive of all ages and abilities.

The Dance ‘n Beats preschool music and movement program helps children learn 21 basic movements to increase muscle control, encourage physical fitness and inspire a joy for learning. Each of the movements that you see in the videos can be made easier or more challenging so that children of all ages and developmental levels can all participate together.

Dance with this butterfly video and learn how to transform 3 moves to match your child’s level.


Dance along to “Butterfly Wings” and notice these basic movements: shake, roll and jump. Each of these movements can be made more complex or simplified for your youngest toddler. Here’s how:


The Shake is an upper body movement that supports the development of the small muscles in the hands and wrists. It targets muscles that will be needed for fine motor skills such as pouring and drinking from a cup.

Simplify the movement

Keep arms relaxed at the sides and allow the arms to shake with the hands.

Increase the movement challenge

Shake up high, side-to-side (as you will see in the “Butterfly Wings” video) or shake while marching in place.


The ROLL is also an upper body movement that supports the development of spatial awareness and coordination between the right and left sides of the body.

Simplify the movement

Only roll wrist over wrist. This requires less coordination.

Increase the movement challenge

Roll up high (as you will see in the “Butterfly Wings” video), side-to-side or roll while bending from the waist.


The JUMP is a lower body movement that supports the development of the large muscles in the legs as well as cardiovascular fitness.

Simplify the movement

Bend and straighten legs without lifting off of the floor.

Increase the movement challenge

Combine the jump with a reach of the arms, as you will see in the “Butterfly Wings” video.


Enjoy all 12 songs and dances about bees and butterflies on the Dance ‘n Beats, Dancing with Bees and Butterflies DVD.  Additional creative movement, literacy and math movement games are featured in the accompanying Dance ‘n Beats Teacher Guide.

Did you hear? Dance ‘n Beats won Learning Magazine’s 2016 Preschool Teacher’s Choice Award!