Prepare for Kindergarten with More Math & Literacy

Prepare for Kindergarten with More Math & Literacy

Help your 4- to 6-year-olds build advanced skills coordinated with each month’s theme! Help your preschoolers prepare for kindergarten with More Math & Literacy workbooks.

More Math & More Literacy books feature the same thematic studies explored in our Experience Preschool Curriculum each month. More Math & More Literacy resources are the perfect way to extend lessons and offer more advanced activities to your 4- to 5 1/2-year-olds.

More Math & Literacy books are the perfect enrichment tool for your older preschoolers who are ready for more. They are great to use in multi-age settings where older children can work independently while you work with or care for younger children.

Pull out these books during nap time for your non-nappers to quietly work on pages or for a table activity just before going home time.

These books are perfect for the multi-age classroom to differentiate learning for your preschoolers who are ready for more.

Baby Animals Math & Literacy books from Experience Early Learning

More Math & Literacy books are not just workbooks! Think of them as a cut up and play book! With these books, reinforce letters, phonics, numbers and shapes, but we’ll channel that practice through engaging games, puzzles and activities. Math and reading is fun!

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Each book has 20 daily activities. You can see the activity books have full color pages and are fun to look at. We recommend that your child do one literacy and one Math activity daily.

Is my child ready to use the More Math & Literacy books?

Prepare for Kindergarten with More Math & Literacy each day with games and puzzles. The activities in each book feature seven foundational skills to early learning and writing and math. Under the title of each activity is the featured skill and learning goal.

At the back of each book, there are developmental benchmarks common for 4-6 year olds for these foundational areas of language & literacy or math. You can use these benchmarks to better support your child’s learning.

Prepare for Kindergarten with More Math & Literacy

Reinforce letters, phonics, numbers and shapes – take learning outside the book!

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