Safari STEAM Play Ideas

STEAM Stations encourage children to investigate, experiment, and discover indoors/outdoors. Bring STEAM immediately to your children with easy-to-set-up activities from Experience Curriculum.

Safari Habitat

Go outside and gather different nature items to create a mini habitat for toy animals. What will they eat? Where will they sleep? What is the safe area? What could be dangerous for the animals?

Set-Up Directions

These open-ended STEAM stations invite children to investigate, problem-solve and create.

  • Hang the Big Question and Inspiration Photos on the wall next to the place you set up the investigation.
  • Use the labels to identify and organize materials children will use (and clean up) as they explore STEAM stations.

Rotating Your Stations

Introduce one new STEAM station daily. Leave that station set up all week. By the end of the week, children will have five stations to explore.

Stringed Creations

Explore stringing different items onto pipecleaners. Explore items from the kitchen, classroom and even outdoors in nature. Hunt for things that have holes.

Stamped Patterns

Study different animal fur then create your own fur pattern. Does your pattern have stripes or dots? Try painting with toys, craft supplies or nature items to create patterns.

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