How to Spend Less Time on Preschool Activities Prep

Wondering how to spend less time on preschool prep? We know you want to focus on early childhood education and on curious discovery with your children this school year. From the first day of school through the whole year – even summer- Experience Curriculum provides high-quality, research-based, fun, and exciting curricula. Experience Curriculum supports first time teachers and seasoned educators through with prep, teaching strategies, assessment and more!

We provide all the core materials you need to be successful! These materials will be prepped for the first day of preschool and every day of the year so you can focus on social skills, helping young children make new friends, develop social skills and teach self-help skills.

Our organized and prepped, ready-to-go curriculum is so much fun for children in child care and helps 0-5 year olds and helps children’s development. Experience Curriculum offers the best ways for children to learn through hands-on play-based learning. 

We also support you with sample routines and daily schedule cards to provide visual support and help your day flow smoothly. This includes visual schedule pieces, circle time materials, center suggestions, transition support, and more. 

Well-thought-out and organized themes let you focus on the developing the learning environment, supporting cognitive development, facilitating pretend play, teaching critical thinking skills, and working in small groups with little preparation.

Provided to support you every month:

  • High quality resources, including hands on tools and books included monthly. 
  • Easy to implement lessons make planning and prep easy for all educators.
  • Engaging activities ready to go that children and their families will love.

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