The Hide ‘n’ Seekers Truth Tunes

Our Truth Tunes CD series coordinates with the Experience God Christian curriculum. There are three different CDs (volume I, volume II, and volume III) corresponding to the three different rotations of Experience Curriculum. These are not included in the Experience God teacher packs but are available for purchase in the Additional Resources store.  

  • Volume I — Future 2024/2025 school year 
  • Volume II — Current 2022/2023 school year 
  • Volume III — Upcoming 2023/2024 school year

Truth Tunes Streaming Options

Sing and dance with The Hide ‘n’ Seekers Truth Tunes from Experience Curriculum that coordinates with Experience God Christian Curriculum.

Truth Tunes Volume 1

Volume 1:  Find the streaming music on the following platforms:

Truth Tunes Volume 2

Volume 2:  Find the streaming music on the following platforms:

Truth Tunes Volume 3

Volume 3:  Find the streaming music on the following platforms:

Music development is a child’s exploration and understanding of sound, rhythm, and tone. It includes listening and responding to music and creating original music, rhythms, or sounds. Early musical development builds fundamental auditory and rhythmic understanding and increases spatial-temporal reasoning. Find infant, toddler, and preschool streaming music in the links below. CDs can also be purchased on our website READ: Why are Music & Art So Important?

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