Value Your Child’s Emerging Ideas

When your child observes you valuing and integrating his ideas, his self-esteem will increase. You can help boost your child’s confidence and self-esteem with these tips:

Value Your Child’s Emerging Ideas - boy  in striped shirt thinking

Give your child choices where either choice is acceptable. For example, “Would you like to wear the blue shirt or the pink shirt?” In both choices the child is getting dressed.

  • Ask your child for his opinion when making decisions. Whether you are rearranging furniture or cooking dinner, if you ask your child what he thinks, it shows that you care enough to consider his opinions.
  • Follow the interests of your child when possible. Incorporate his interests in activities or discussions.
  • Encourage responsibility by giving your child chores each day. No matter how young, each person has the ability to contribute.
  • Be flexible, yet consistent, with house rules and routines.
  • Talk with your child daily. Research has shown that many language and literacy experiences come from rich conversation on a daily basis.
  • Invite him to share his ideas with family members and form opinions about what matters to him.

    When you provide an atmosphere full of care and concern, you show your child that he is valued. This connection and sense of self can last a lifetime.

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