What Skills Should My Preschoolers Learn?

Do you ever worry about whether you’ve “covered all the bases” when it comes to preschool-age skills development?

You’re not alone.  By offering children intentional experiences that apply 35 key skills, your children will have a solid foundation for future learning. Experience Curriculum integrates 35 key skills into play-based activities which support a child’s social-emotional, physical and cognitive development. This post describes the domains, skills, and skill goals so that you can better understand what children learn across all areas of development.


The 35 key skills are categorized into 7 domains.  A domain is a specific area of development or knowledge. They are:

  1. Social and emotional development
  2. Physical development
  3. Mathematics and reasoning
  4. Social studies
  5. Creative development
  6. Language and literacy development
  7. Science


Inside each domain you’ll find the skills.  At Experience Curriculum, we number our skills 1-35 for easy reference throughout the Teacher Guides so that you always know which skills are being developed each day.  A skill is an ability to know or do something. Examples include listening comprehension, fine motor skills, or spatial awareness. See the full skill wheel here.


Once the skill is identified, there are multiple goals for each skill. A goal is a measurable outcome associated with that skill.  Typically, there are 2-3 goals for each skill. A goal is numbered .1, .2 or .3. When you put it  all together, you will note that the coding system is 1.1, 1.2, 1.3. Print and post your very own quick reference full-color chart of all domains, skills and skill goals.

Place the chart near your entryway, or upload to your website, so families can see how your high quality preschool program matches Early Childhood Education goals. Some of our educators like to laminate these, others have opted for “framing and hanging”, and many simply share the image in their childcare Facebook pages. Enjoy!

Let us know how you share your skills and goals chart! Contact the Experience Curriculum via email info@experiencecurriculum.com with any questions at any time.

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