5 Yoga Poses for Toddlers

Yoga provides gross motor development for toddlers as they become more self-aware of their bodies. Yoga is a perfect match for on-the-move toddlers, helping them develop balance and coordination skills and slowing down to focus and purposefully move parts of their body.

Benefits of Yoga for Toddlers

Gross Motor Development

Through practicing yoga poses, toddlers develop core strength, coordination and balance in a fun and challenging way.
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Calming Movement

As children move their bodies and express themselves, it has a calming effect and provides emotional regulation as they focus on how they feel. More than ever, children need ways to manage their emotions, stress and anxiety. Teach children to relax and breathe deeply as they learn yoga poses. Take time to talk about how it feels to stretch, bend and balance. Also try sensory play for emotional regulation in the toddler classroom.

Building Healthy Habits

Yoga is an excellent way to introduce caring for our bodies to toddlers. Healthy habits start young! Incorporate yoga into your daily routine to build healthy habits for a lifetime.

Yoga is fun!

Toddlers are made to move and they’re very imaginative and open to new experiences! Yoga poses coordinate with the monthly themes so they are meaningful movements. Take time to creatively move and explore what their bodies can do. Yoga is an activity the educator and the children can do together, creating community and an enjoyable time together.

Try these five yoga poses with your toddlers:

You can easily introduce these simple yoga poses to your toddlers by looking at the poster. No need for special training or certifications! Just simply move along with your children, guiding them as they practice the poses. Try these 5 yoga poses for toddlers to help them develop gross motor skills, calm and regulate their emotions and learn healthy habits.

Star Pose

Spread your feet wide apart and stretch your arms out to your sides.

5 Yoga Poses for Toddlers - star pose

Volcano Pose

The Volano Pose is similar to the Star Pose, but with some movement. Stand tall, then bend forward and touch your toes. Roll back up to standing and jump your feet apart and reaching your arms wide!

5 Yoga Poses for Toddlers - volcano pose

Flower Pose

Sit with your back straight and the bottoms of your feet together. Slide your hands underneath your legs, and hold your ankles.

5 Yoga Poses for Toddlers - flower pose

Boat Pose

Sit down with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Life your chest up. Keep lifting up as you lift up one leg. Try lifting up the other leg. Once you lift both, hold them so you feel strong.

5 Yoga Poses for Toddlers - boat pose

Jellyfish Pose

Stand tall. Then bend forward and hang your head and arms. Swish like a jellyfish!

5 Yoga Poses for Toddlers - Jellyfish Pose

Try the Experience Toddler Curriculum with Yoga

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