Get Moving!

Fitness is an important part of a healthy lifestyle for all ages, but especially for children. Moving and being physically active is just as much about growth and development as it is a matter of fitness. Ready to get moving?

Here are some simple tips for encouraging fun and exercise:

  • Play simple running games with your child. This includes varieties of tag, hide and seek, relay races and simple games of chase.
  • Play “catch” with your child. If you don’t have a ball to toss, try using two socks rolled together or a small pillow.
  • Practice balancing skills on chalk lines, ropes, curbs, logs and more. The more balance your child has, the more control he will have with the small muscles used for reading and writing.
  • Adapt your favorite games (football, soccer, baseball, etc.) to teach your child the fundamentals and basics of sports.
  • Walk, hike, climb and run on nature’s playground or in a neighborhood play area. As long as you are involved and the activity is entertaining, you can pretty much bet your child will try it. The more children move, the more physically fit they will be, and the greater control they will have over their own bodies.

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