Assembling a Make & Play Headband

Headbands are often included in the Experience Curriculum kits for children to decorate and wear for dramatic play. A simple headband can make role-playing or pretending to be an animal so fun.

Wondering how to best assemble a Make & Play headband? Follow the simple directions below.

  1. Punch out the headband shape and headband strips. Be sure to save both strip pieces.

2. Either before the child decorates the headband or after, use a gluestick or tape to secure the ends of the headband strips to the back edges of the headband shape in this case a police officer hat.

Be sure the headband strips are at the edge of the police officer hat (or other shape) so you have enough length to put it around the child’s head.

Tape will reinforce the headband strips and make it a bit more durable when the child is taking it on and off.

Older children may be able to this part themselves or the educator may need to assist.

3. It’s time to measure the child’s head! Hold the headband strips around the child’s head and adjust it to fit. Hold it together until you can secure it with a piece of tape. Tape works better than staples, as staples may scratch a child’s head.

The headband strips are long enough for most children’s or even adults heads. If you need extra length, or a headband strip was accidently thrown away, cut or ripped, simply cut a new strip from construction paper or cardstock.

Now it’s time to play!