Community Helpers Toddler Sneak Peek

Looking for a preview of November’s Experience Toddler Kit? Get ready to be inspired!

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This November, toddlers build a block skyscraper, fill up a bus with puppets and visit a pretend fire station with the Community Helpers thematic study! Find 4 full weeks of toddler experiences to engage their curiosity and expand their growing minds and bodies.

35 skills are embedded through play: toddlers squeeze, push, press, scribble, tear, fill and stack all month long for a balance of experiences across all learning domains. 

This 30-minute overview gives you a sneak peek into November’s Community Helpers Toddler Curriculum Kit. We will preview tools for a month-long thematic adventure about people in the community we depend on.

Perfect for children 18-36 months!

Follow the Path – Community Helpers
The firefighter helps. Can you help him? Just point your finger, follow the path and enjoy this photo-based book to introduce concepts of print and new vocabulary to your toddlers. 

This Little Piggy
Enjoy this classic nursery rhyme, toot your horn, and get ready for a week with fun musical counting, matching games and sorting activities, plus a new art project every day! 

Raccoon Finds His Balance: A Forest Friends Book
Raccoon is resourceful, but sometimes we all need a hand. Maybe Otter can help? Discover the importance of resourcefulness and determination in this Forest Friends story.

Bella and the Umbrella
Bella borrowed her mom’s new umbrella and now it’s lost. Who has it now? Follow the umbrella as it changes hands, (and paws) and enjoy a week of puzzles, games, and learning!

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