Bird Nest Building STEAM Station

Create a Nest Building STEAM Station this spring! Set up this activity in the Block Area.

Set out blocks, nature items, scrap paper, and other materials that can be used to build a nest. Children can use the supplies to create individual nests or make it a group project by inviting children to visit the block area through the day and add items to the group nest.

If desired, set out nonfiction books about nests or print photos of nests and place in the block area.

Be creative and use your own materials and ideas to expand on STEAM Stations. You may be seeing birds nesting in your yard this spring.

What size nest does a bird need? What birds and big? Which are small? What are different ways birds make nests?

Provide baskets, bowls, sticks, feathers, rattan balls, wood eggs, shredded paper, pom poms and yarn for children to experiment with making bird nests for stuffed birds. This type of materials are considered “loose parts”. Children can use them as desired. Find toy birds at thrift stores or online sale groups to add to your bird nest building STEAM Station.

Each time the children visit the center, they may create a different kind of nest. 

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Download the Spring STEAM Stations Sample to create your own Bird Nest Building STEAM Station.