Bubbles Boats & Floats Sneak Peek!

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This month, your child will go on a wild water adventure. She will begin by exploring the river. She will make a beaver puppet and make friends with an alligator. Then grab a fishing pole because your child will spend a week at the lake. She will design a sailboat and experiment with things that sink and float. Water is everywhere and is used for many different purposes. Your child will make soapy bubbles to wash pets and set up a squeaky-clean car wash. At the end the month, she will appreciate the wonder of water by exploring the water cycle, rainbows, melting ice and how to preserve clean drinking water.


In this 30-minute overview, you can get a sneak peek into May’s Bubbles, Boats & Floats Curriculum Kit. We discuss action-packed tools and share ideas for techniques to embrace your child’s energy!

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