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Open House events are so much fun! These events typically take place at the start of the school year or when kicking off a new program.  It’s a time to say hello and welcome to your school. It’s a time to engage with the families and work on building relationships and trust during this time. It really allows educators to embrace the whole family as part of the learning community. Download the celebration kit to plan a back to school open house event.

Open house events can serve several purposes.  One main reason is to get to know each other’s families and create a sense of community.

Families and educators are usually excited to get together for Open House events. When families know they are welcomed, they gain a sense of belonging.  Hosting a family event such as the Open House at the end of the first month will give families a fun and easy way to explore the learning environment with their child.

During this event, showcase your program philosophies and guidelines.  Families should know how and why their children are engaging in certain activities.  But, also that the views of families are respected when they differ from the program’s goals or policies.  

Download this Celebration Kit with everything you need to plan an open house, including invitations, activities, games and more.

Enjoy this free gift from Experience Early Learning Preschool Curriculum.

Download your free Open House Celebration Kit!

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