Dance Builds Motor Skills

Dance is always a fun way to burn off excess preschool energy but did you know that dance also supports a child’s motor and cognitive development? The Little Miss Muffet dance demonstrates how to incorporate both gross and fine motor skills into a fun and familiar tune. Gross motor skills allow a child to move large muscles. Dance movements that support gross motor coordination and balance include rocking side to side, raising and lowering arms and swaying arms back and forth.

Fine motor skills allow a child to move and control small muscles. This is important for learning how to write. For an infant, grabbing and releasing objects is an early stage of developing fine motor skills. In the Little Miss Muffet dance, children open and shut their hands. This stimulates muscle control in the fingers and requires great brain concentration.

Dance ‘n Beats choreography is created by Maria West, a professional dance instructor and expert in Early Childhood Development.

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