Displays for Drop-off to Engage Both Parents and Children

What will children and parents see when they open your door? Will they know what to do? Will they feel excited instead of nervous?

Use Experience Curriculum tools to open your door to smoother drop-off routines and to parents who are informed about what is happening today, this week and all month.

“Ready to Play” Table
Children who feel anxious when they enter the room will be excited to see some engaging materials such as a table filled with cotton balls and tweezers. Think about simple treasures from inside or outside that you can display each day.


Topic of the Day Display

“What are we doing today?”
Both your children and parents would love to know. Hang the Experience Curriculum Daily Topic Poster on your door and then move it to the Circle Time Display as you and the children meet on the rug.

You can also display a Picture Schedule. Use Velcro dots so that you can display different schedules each day or even consider removing a card as you finish that part of the day. This will help children visualize how the day is progressing.


Table
“Do you know I’m here? Do I belong?”
A child has the basic need for comfort and a sense of belongingness. By setting up a sign-in table, children can quickly engage in a morning routine of writing their name (or any variation such as a scribble, trace over letters or try to write the first letter). Simply write each child’s name on the included Nametags, attach a photo if desired, laminate (or cover in clear packing tape) and set out wipe-off markers. They find their name, write on the nametag and clip it up on your sign-in board. For more advanced early writers, you can leave out a clipboard for them to write their name.


Parent Info Board
“Do you have a plan so that my child is engaged and learning?”
Parents can quickly feel reassured that you are providing professional care and education when they see evidence of your plan. Hang the Monthly Web, Skills Poster and Activity Calendar on a wall located near your door for parents.


Add the Skill of the Day
If you use the Experience Curriculum Star Assessment System, you can also write the featured skill of the day on a big star so parents can think about how their child is using that skill at home too!


Add a Question of the Day
Use the question prompt from the Circle Time section in your Teacher Guide to write a “question of the day”. Parents need support in knowing how to ask children questions about their day. Encourage parents to ask this question when they go home to learn more about the child’s learning and experiences.

What should children and parents see as they slowly open your door?

Want more information?
Read “The View from the Door” (at Community Playthings)

Who is Here Today? Attendance & Routines Printable Resources

Download and print the attendance and routines Touch & Play materials to create a fun and functional Circle Time display.

Included in this kit:
1 Title Card (A colorful sign for your wall)
1 Home and 1 School Mini-Poster
8 Nametags (Print as many as you need)
1 Set Baby Daily Routine
1 Set Toddler Daily Routine
1 Set Preschool Daily Routine