Draw an Elephant Invitation to Create

Elephants are amazing creatures! Preschoolers learn about Wild Safari Animals in Going on Safari. Elephants are the largest land mammal. They are herbivores and eat grass, plants, and bark. Elephants take care of one another. If one elephant is sick they will stay with it.

Just like us, their body parts help them do daily tasks. Their trunks help pick up food and suck up water and their ears help keep them cool.

During this Invitation to Create, children use their creative drawing skills to complete the missing half of the elephant. During this activity, children made a plan and decide if they would make elephant parts or create a silly animal. Children can see how different each picture will look and discover that there is not a wrong or right way.

Elephant Body Directions

Use these directions and see some examples for setting up Invitations to Create. What will children learn with Invitations to Create? Also read: Art is Smart! But Why?

Older children may enjoy tracing their elephant before coloring it in. Tracing might be a new technique children can learn with this Invitation to Create. Tracing is a prewriting skill that develops fine motor skills, concentration and focus, visual-spatial skills as well as creativity and drawing skills.

Use your creativity and make an elephant body your way!

These Elephant Body creative drawings were created by 3 and 4 year olds.

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