Play the Spots in the Grass Small Group Math Game

The Spots in the Grass Small Group Math Game from the Going on Safari study focuses on Number Sense and Attention & Persistence skills. See our current study schedule here.

Many African animals are herbivores and eat grass. Grass can easily be found in places in Africa and also in your own backyard.

Print and play the game with us!

What insects or animals do you know that have spots?
• Set out paper and crayons. Invite children to draw spots.

Play Together
• Place the Giraffe Spot Cards face-up in a row on the floor.
• Hold the pile of Ladybug Spot Cards in your hand and invite a child to take the top card.
• Encourage him to count the spots on the ladybug and then find a giraffe with the same amount of spots.

Simplify: Only use cards with 2-4 spots.
Challenge: Invite a child to select two Ladybug Spot Cards then add them together. Find the Giraffe Spot Card with that same total.

OBSERVE: Does the child count up to 10 spots? Does he find the matching number of spots?

Download the play the Spots in the Grass Math Game!

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