Drum Patterns Literacy Activity

African music is often made up of percussion instruments such as drums and xylophone. Sometimes they are used to pass down stories from generation to generation. While learning about African culture in the Going on Safari study, preschoolers participate in a drum patterns literacy activity. See our current themes here.

Watch the lesson in action at Sweet Smiles Preschool!

“We listened to African drum rhythms on CD this morning. Check out this video to see ALL the children this afternoon participating in this activity. This activity worked on alphabetic knowledge, patterning, and music all in one!” 

Set Up
Set out three bowls upside down and label each one with a Letter Card. Print an extra Letter Pattern Strip and separate the letters to use to label your bowls.

Independent Play
• Explore what each letter bowl sounds like by tapping it with a mallet or spoon.
• Select a Letter Pattern Strip and copy that pattern by tapping on the bowls.
• Continue to copy the Letter Patterns or create your own letter songs.

Download the printable Letter Pattern Strips and try it today!


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