Health & Fitness-Themed Invitation to Create Art Ideas

The process of creating open-ended art offers children opportunities to explore a range of art techniques while also strengthening their creative thinking skills. Try the following Health & Fitness-themed Invitation to Create Art Ideas in your classroom!

Vegetable Stamp Art

The Vegetable Stamp Art Invitation to Create offers children a colorful way to explore vegetables and the shapes they can create with them. Children name the vegetables, think about the shapes they will stamp with them, and explore different ways to move the vegetable to make shapes. They can choose the colors and the vegetables they use to stamp their paper plate.

Stirring Colors

We stir lots of combinations in the kitchen. Children love to help stir mixtures in the kitchen! Stirring Colors Invitation to Create process art is about mixing colors and discovering what happens when you mix two colors together.  It’s fun to choose the paint colors and mix them into shaving cream. What happens if you put glitter on the paint and then stir it?

Heart Model

Children love to move and exercise is good for the body. Children are offered supplies like a paper bag, pipecleaners, newspaper and paint to create a Heart Model. It’s important for children to have opportunities to create 3D art where they explore a variety of materials, to gain an understanding of shape, form and texture. Looking at the Heart Model Inspiration Photo, what do notice about the photo? How will you create veins and arteries?  Why do you think arteries are red and veins are blue? By asking questions, you will help children with complex problem-solving and deep learning that takes place during the process of creating this art.

Roll Painting

By kicking a ball we practice gross motor coordination. Sports such as soccer or football involve players kicking a ball.  Little learners will be excited to paint with a ball! Using a ball and paint in a box, children roll the ball through the paint. Allow children to choose their colors of paint they want to mix on their paper. Ask, how can you make designs with a ball and paint? Try moving the box slowing or quickly. How can you cover your paper with paint?

Use these directions and see some examples for setting up Invitations to Create. What will children learn with Invitations to Create? Also read: Art is Smart! But Why?

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Download 4 Health & Fitness-themed Invitation to Create art ideas with printable resources so you can implement them in your center!