Facilitating Group Times With Toddlers

A daily routine can help toddlers feel safe and confident so they can learn and take risks throughout the day. Print and post the recommended daily Toddler Schedule or create your own. Recommended times to integrate the various types of Experience Toddler Activities are noted in the Toddler Daily Schedule.

Circle Time

Keep Circle Time short and sweet for toddlers with this routine:

  1. Transition to Circle Time with a Song. Try It’s Time to Start Our Day from the Toddler Group Routines Cards.
  2. Sing the Hello Song
  3. Introduce a purple card Literacy/Social Emotional Activity from the Experience Toddler curriculum
  4. Sing and dance to a Letter Song from Toddler Beats.

Group Time Art

Art is a time for toddlers to explore art supplies, tools and sensory experiences as well as practice fine motor skills. Use this simple routine for art with toddlers:

  1. Transition toddlers with the Transition Into Art Group with the song It’s Time to Make Art to the large group space. 
  2. Lead toddlers in the Days of the week and weather routine on the Circle Time Display. 
  3. Facilitate an art experience using a yellow card from the Experience Toddler curriculum
  4. Sing the Color Song.

Group Time Math

Toddlers learn about number sense, spatial awareness, shapes, measurement, patterns, classification and logic and reasoning with math experiences from Experience Toddler curriculum

  1. Sing the Transition into Math song to move toddlers to the large group space. 
  2. Lead children and encourage them to participate in a Number Finger Play.
  3. Play a Math game using a green card activity from the Experience Toddler program. 
  4. Sing the Shape Song.

Group Time Music & Movement

  1. Sing the Transition Into Music & Movement song to invite toddlers to the large group space. 
  2. Read a story.
  3. Lead a music experience using an orange card from the Experience Toddler curriculum
  4. Move with yoga stretches.

Group Time Routines Cards

Download the Toddler Group Time Routine cards and engage children in a routine of singing, playing and learning during the 4 recommended short Group Times above.

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