Short & Sweet Circle Time for Toddlers

Multiple short and highly interactive large group times are more effective than one long Circle Time with toddlers. We recommend you plan 4 short group times each day. Each group time follows a consistent routine so the children know what to expect.

When designing your group times, plan for no more than 10-12 minutes. During the 10 minutes, have 2-3 minute segments that alternative between Move – Sitting – Moving – Sitting activities.

The more you can sing and the more children can have something to touch or a way to move their bodies, the more successful and fun your group times will be. 

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Set Up Your Toddler Circle Time Display

Experience Curriculum provides the following materials in the Experience Toddler boxes you can use during Circle Time each month:

  • Board/Wall Titles
  • Shape & Color Cards
  • Sign Language Cards
  • Board Titles
  • Letter & Number Cards
  • Weather and Calendar Materials
  • Sorting cups
  • Colored pompoms
  • Finger Play Poster

Circle Time for Toddlers 

Keep Circle Time short and sweet for toddlers with this routine:

  1. Transition to Circle Time with a Song. Try It’s Time to Start Our Day from the Toddler Group Routines Cards.
  2. Sing the Hello Song.
  3. Introduce a purple card Literacy/Social Emotional Activity from the Experience Toddler curriculum
  4. Sing and dance to a Letter Song from Toddler Beats.

Transition toddlers to group time again throughout the day to participate in art, math and music, and movement activities.

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