Full Day & Half Day Teaching Schedule Samples

A daily routine will create an environment in which children can experience a variety of planned and unplanned yet intentional activities. Children thrive under a balance of active and quiet times. Offer children a variety of learning experiences that include individual, small and large group settings. within each of these settings, invite children to determine how long you explore each activity and in what ways the activity evolves. 

What’s a routine vs a schedule? READ: Routine vs Schedule

A consistent routine comforts children and helps them find rhythm in the day. Experience Preschool Curriculum offers approximately three hours of intended instruction each day plus support for setting up STEAM stations and learning centers in your room. We suggest extensions and activities to carry you through free play and extended day schedules. 

These schedules are designed to be taught indoors or out. Create a schedule and setup that works for you and your children. Introduce a daily picture schedule to help children understand what comes next and create a more predictable day for them.

Download an example full-day and half-day schedule.

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