Science Lab Theme Sneak Peek!

Looking for a preview of August’s Experience Preschool and Toddler Kits? Get ready to be inspired!

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This month, your child will explore her natural curiosities and wonder about the world of science. She will have fun experimenting with her senses while exploring matter, mixes and reactions that make up the science of chemistry. In the physics lab, your child will investigate the mysteries of sound, light and forces. During the engineering lab, she will play with magnets, test out parachutes and build with shapes to test their strength. Biology and ecology round out the month. Your child will learn to classify living and nonliving things, encounter the phenomenon of animal adaptations, study germs and how to stay healthy, and learn ways to take care of the environment.

In this 30-minute overview, you can get a sneak peek into August’s Science Lab’s curriculum kit. We discuss action-packed tools and share ideas for techniques to embrace your child’s curiosity!

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