How Important Are Routines For Babies?

Beyond the everyday routines of feeding, diapering and sleep, a consistent schedule for development is vital for every child. Experience Baby activities are created to address three areas of growth: social-emotional, motor skills and cognitive development.

Take a closer look at the Nursery Rhymes theme Planning Calendar below to see the playful ways Experience Baby provides for your child’s development each day.

Along with the Planning Calendar, the Teacher Pack includes: 

  • A deck of 36 new ideas for interactive play
  • A CD of 12 songs and rhymes
  • A rhyme poster and puppet
  • A board book
  • A set of picture cards

Predictable routines are a recommended practice to build trust and emotional security. Flexibility in a routine is also important and is consistent with the overall need for responsiveness in relationships.  

Create a routine of growth and development for your babies with Experience Baby!