Children and Change

As nature sends signs of the changing seasons, it’s a great time to encourage children to be aware of the changes in their surroundings. Challenge children to notice something that is different from yesterday. It can be simple, like the clothing
we wear, or maybe something they notice outside, such as an insect. Children and change are not always an easy combination. Encouraging children to connect with their surroundings and accept changes that occur will help them cope with unexpected changes in their everyday lives.

Children and change - 3 kids looking at a bug in a jar

Getting in Touch with Nature

It’s important to bring nature to your children. If you’re fortunate enough to have grass, trees and other natural landscapes in or near your area, take time to explore them, care for them and use them as extensions of your child’s classroom. Investigate items from nature, such as acorns, rocks, leaves or twigs to encourage discussion about the natural environment. If desired, you can bring some of these items home and set up your own “nature station,” a place where nature exploration can continue indoors. Keep plants, terrariums or bug habitats in your home for children to care for and develop a sense of empathy and responsibility. Try these nature activities.

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