Integrating Experience Toddler Into The Daily Schedule

A daily routine can help children feel safe and confident so they can learn and take risks throughout the day. See our recommended toddler schedule or create your own. 

Educators use a daily schedule to establish the flow of the day. They repeat the same schedule every day. This helps children know what to expect and they feel more comfortable with consistent routines. What you do within your daily schedule will be defined by your weekly plan. 

Your weekly lesson plan outlines the activities you and the children will explore throughout the day, but WHEN will you do each activity? 

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Toddler activities during the week will all center around the book of the week. For example, if toddlers play a game the game might feature the characters from the book.

Language & Literacy Experiences

Toddlers will participate in Book Discovery where they are exploring the illustrations of the book and practice the habits of readers. Toddlers will also play games with the story cube and props to show their understanding of the featured book. Sign language is featured exclusively in the Experience Toddler curriculum. Audio stories are featured in each theme and the toddlers interact with related activities as it plays. (i.e. Making sounds when the animal does in the story, saying a phrase that is repeated throughout the story.)

Math & Reasoning Experiences

Each week toddlers participate in 5 Math & Reasoning activities, sorting shapes, measuring, counting and developing number sense.

Toddlers practice self-help skills and participate in sensory play while refinancing shapes and numbers.

Art & DramaExperiences

Each week toddlers have 5 ways to explore art and drama with stickers, creating and playing with dramatic play props, making collage art and coloring. 

Music & Movement Experiences

Look for 5 ways to explore Music and Movement. Play music games, work on coordination with yoga, learn sign language words. and musical rhythm and pattern games.

Integrating Experience Toddler Into Your Daily Schedule

When will you do all these wonderful activities? Allow time for basic care routines but use our recommended schedule to integrate the various types of Experience toddler activities into your daily schedule. 

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