Improving Transitions

A transition refers to any occurring change. Transitions can be stressful and frustrating for children who are either not ready to end their current activity or who struggle with change. Here are some ideas to help make transitions smoother for your child: 

Give your child a preview. 

Prepare your child for transitions by alerting her of the upcoming change before it happens. The more your child can predict her routine, the smoother the day will flow.

Introduce movement.

Write movement words on craft sticks, such as “Jump like a frog,” or “Hop on one foot.” After your child has completed the desired task (e.g., putting away the blocks), encourage her to choose a craft stick and move in that way to the next activity (e.g. washing up for lunch).

Use music to ease transitions.

Sing a favorite tune, changing the words to include your child’s name and what needs to be done.

Here’s an example (sung to the tune of ‘Row Your Boat):

Clean, clean, clean the room

Let’s pick up the toys

Maggie is going to have some lunch

So let’s clean up the room.

Songs & Transitions Cards

Download the Songs & Transitions Cards to help your child during those tricky transition periods.

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