Learn With Your Child

The greatest learning comes from the natural interests and passions of your child. When you see your child’s eyes light up, stop and dig deeper into his or her interests. Learn with your child for a deeper, closer relationship.

photo of family having fun with soccer ball - learning with your child
Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

Here are some tips to connect with the interests of your child and learn together:

  • Take time just to watch your child play.
  • Observe how your child engages physically with play objects. Whether he sits quietly and works on a puzzle or runs around with a scarf making loud noises, match the activity level of your child.
  • Say what you see. Help build your child’s vocabulary by narrating your observations about what and how your child is playing.
  • Ask open-ended questions to get more information about what your child likes about what he is currently doing. Begin your questions with words such as “what,” “how,” “why” and “where.”
  • Sneak in basic concepts, such as counting, letter sounds, sorting and shapes by the way you talk during play: “Wow! You have so many toy cars in a line. How many do you have?”
  • Encourage your child to use all of his senses to experience and explore new topics and interests.

The more involved you are with your child and his education, the more he will value learning.

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