What is the Experience Toddler Curriculum?

Experience Toddler Curriculum is a comprehensive research-based curriculum for children ages 18-36 months.

Experience Toddler Curriculum is designed to help teachers support each child’s natural growth and development through responsive care and sensory learning experiences. It is designed to nurture each child’s unique potential and connect with their expanding curiosity about our diverse and beautiful world. Each month features a new theme. Learn more about the themes here.

Each month, we ship a new kit packed full of teaching tools. We use a combination of books, daily art, music, playful manipulatives and games to support toddlers’ sensory exploration of the world around them as they develop 35 skills within social-emotional, motor, language and cognitive development. 

Each kit includes 4 storybooks. Each week, one of the storybooks serves as the base for the related activities and art projects. Other exciting tools included in the kit will be play mats, sticker projects, reusable manipulatives, sign language cards, and weekly parent newsletters and other family-engagement resources.

Daily Activities are mapped out on the weekly activity chart and described in the lesson plan book. Either keep the lesson plans in the book or cut out the activity cards for grab ‘n go learning experiences.

Each day, Children have a balance of learning activities. These include:

  • Art experiences are toddler-friendly with a focus on stamping, collaging, coloring and using stickers.
  • Language and literacy experiences invite children to explore the included 4 books, practice concepts of print, build vocabulary, tell stories with included story pieces, and listen to read-alouds. Literacy activities focus around three letters each month.
  • Cognitive experiences offer a variety of tray play games that include supplies for learning shapes, colors, sorting manipulatives, a variety of self-help activities for cleaning and feeding, number sense activities that explore 1-1 correspondence, more or less concepts and exposure to numbers. Each month, one focus number and related activities will be included.
  • Music and movement experiences include digital music produced specifically to support toddlers in exploring rhythm pattern games, muscle coordination games, instrument exploration and simple sing-alongs.

Learn more by downloading the Experience Toddler Curriculum Brochure.

Start playing and learning with your Toddler today!

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