What is Experience Preschool Curriculum?

Experience Preschool Curriculum (also known as Mother Goose Time) is a comprehensive research-based curriculum for children ages 3-5 years. Serving teachers in childcare centers, family childcare homes and homeschooling families since 1987, we use a combination of books, art, music, playful manipulatives and games to support preschoolers’ growth across all stages of development. Please find a few resources below to help you learn more about our preschool curriculum program: 

Check out our information guide below about Experience Preschool Curriculum system. Click on the Image to see inside.

Experience Preschool Curriculum Brochure

See more about what is included in each monthly kit and the 2021-22 school year collection of monthly themes.

Peek inside the Teacher Guides to see a sample of the lesson plans


Each month, preschool educators receive all Teacher, Child and Classroom resources delivered, including:

  • All Teaching Resources such as the weekly Teacher Guides, Skills Chart and theme web poster.
  • All Classroom Resources such as the Music CD, Full-Color Storybooks, STEAM Stations, Shape & Counting Manipulatives, Folder Games, Letter Cards and more.
  • All Child Materials such as the Name Tags, Art project supplies, Journals, and more.
  • Assessment Materials: authentic assessment allows learning as it happens. Our complete curriculum system includes resources to help document and record your child’s learning process through natural and intentional observation. 

We are excited to learn with you this year! You can start today. Just click here.

Try a one month kit now or save 15% off with a full year subscription.

Each month, get excited to teach preschoolers with hands-on art, games and projects! Experience Preschool with Mother Goose Time.

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