Assessing Development with our Embedded Authentic Assessment System

We believe learning is a process. Authentic Assessment allows you to capture learning as it happens. The Experience Early Learning Assessment System includes resources to help document your child’s learning progress through natural and intentional observations.

Experience Curriculum for toddlers, preschool and PreK includes an Embedded Authentic Assessment system. The Assessment Guide will help you easily know when to observe, which skill to assess, and how to determine the child’s skill level. Record the children’s levels while you observe them play. Then send home the included monthly “Look I’m Learning” page to the child’s family or include it in their portfolio.

Experience Curriculum uniquely embeds observation prompts within each activity, so you know what to observe and how to assess skills as children learn and play naturally.

We offer a variety of tools to support educators as they authentically assess their children when using Experience Curriculum. 

  • Monthly Assessment Planning Toolkit
  • Developmental Skill Continuum
  • Weekly Activity Skills Chart

▶ Watch this video for tips on how to implement the embedded assessment program in both the Experience Preschool Curriculum and Experience Toddler Curriculum:

Ready to teach at home or in your childcare and have the support of a comprehensive, play-based curriculum that includes all the supplies you need day by day plus a nationally aligned assessment tool? Order now to try your first month. 

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