Set Up Your Circle Time Display

Use the materials included in the Circle Time bag from your monthly kit to set up your preschool Circle Time display. Collect new pieces each month for your Circle Time Display. The Circle Time display is shown attached to a tri-fold board. 

Purchase a colored board or paint it if desired. Tri-fold boards are portable making it convenient to take learning outdoors. Alternatively, attach Circle Time display pieces to the wall with masking tape or adhesive hook and loop.

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A calendar grid and numbers are included each month. The number cards create a pattern with colors and pictures. Encourage children to help add numbers to the calendar each day, count the numbers and guess the pattern. Calendar Headers can be found in your Getting Started Kit or on Member Resources.

Theme Poster

A Theme Poster features many concepts and daily topics the children will be learning about throughout the month. Use the poster to introduce vocabulary, talk about shapes and colors and look for pictures with the I Spy Glasses.


Sing the weather song and observe the weather each day. A helper can put up the corresponding weather piece.


Daily Topic Poster

Each lesson includes a Daily Topic Poster to introduce the children to the new lesson. The posters feature real photos of people, animals and things. Show the Daily Topic Poster and use the prompts in the Experience Preschool Teacher Guide to encourage children to share what they know and wonder. 

Forest Friends Character Trait

Display the character trait card and Forest Friend puppet on the Forest Friends log. The character trait card provides a simple description of the trait that can be reviewed during Circle Time activities or throughout the day.


Three letter cards are included each month. Display one letter at a time with the Phonics Cube Cards if desired.

Alphabet Strip

The Alphabet Strip is included in the Getting Started Kit. It’s fun to sing the ABC song while using a pointer to point to the letters. Or ask a child to search for a letter with an I Spy Glass.

Number Tree

Two numbers are featured each month. A number leaf and Hands-On Number can be attached to the Number Tree. Review numbers, letters, shapes and colors during Circle Time.


 Shape Sack / Color Ribbon

The Shape Sack features the shape of the month as well as the color. Shape cards can be stored in the bag and reviewed at Circle Time. Or search for shapes in your room that will fit in the bag.  A ribbon is also included for the featured color of the month.

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