Top 6 Features Educators Love About Experience Curriculum

From the phones, in-boxes, social channels, conferences and trainings, this is what we hear from our community of educators when asked, “What do you love about the Experience Curriculum (previously Mother Goose Time) program?”

1. “I love saving money.”

Less prep, no waste and fewer errands.

Not surprisingly, you love having one less thing to take you away from your children. You also love to have fewer errands and a lot less to buy to run a comprehensive program. We’ve got you covered. Everything needed for an entire month of play-based preschool learning, exploration and discovery is delivered, to your door, each month.

  • You’re sent exactly what you need – no more mountains of excess pipe cleaners and wiggle eyes.
  • Your Teacher Guide frames the learning but prompts for emergent, individualized extensions – no more trolling Pinterest for more ideas.

Experience Curriculum lets educators spend their days engaged with children and their nights with their family. Not scrambling for materials, scrolling for ideas, or prepping for tomorrow.

2. “I love that I can make an impact, regardless of my background.”

Open the box and be ready to teach.

We hear this a lot.  While many members hold a degree in Early Childhood Education, many don’t, and that’s just fine. If you’re a grandparent just trying to help, Experience Curriculum still works.  Eight domains of learning PLUS 35 skills and, of course, an endless supply of memorable moments are still being developed.

And, yes, in a few years his kindergarten teacher will be extremely impressed with his readiness.

3. “I love all the training.” 

Credit hours and a lot more.

Here’s another one we hear from the community: they love the system.  When educators join, they are immediately invited to 3 training options:

  • Webinar Series
  • Print Resources
  • On-Site Training

There are hundreds of powerful educational tools inside each month of this curriculum and training is the only way to maximize all aspects of this comprehensive program.

4. “I love the built-in family communication tools.”

AKA, your customers.

For childcare centers and family childcare providers, parent communication is key to program satisfaction. Experience Curriculum has you covered three ways:

  • Family Newsletter. Each month, families follow along with the learning + get extra activities, recipes and songs to use at home.
  • Daily Take Home. Families love a little learning evidence. Experience Curriculum makes sure each child has something to share at home to show work but also to trigger interaction and conversation with parents.

5. “I love all of the ‘already-included’ extras.” 

The extras don’t cost extra with Experience Curriculum.

Beyond the curriculum, these four extras bring the thematic study to life and are all included in every box, every month.

  • Two new storybooks plus an I Can Read book for every child
  • Preschool music DVDs and MP3s
  • Math manipulatives
  • Art project supplies

6. “I love the support.”

Coloring sheets, marketing resources, book lists, field trip ideas and more.

There’s a place called Member Resources and we know our community loves this area because they tell us and it is the second most-visited page on our website. They head in there to get a lot of extra support materials, like:

  • Extra coloring sheets
  • Field trip ideas
  • Book list 
  • MP3 Circle Time music
  • Activities calendar

The other support is us! All members of the Experience Curriculum Customer Relationship Team are passionate about early childhood education and excited to support our community. Reach out and we are quick to help you meet your program needs.

See Experience Curriculum in Action

Questions? We’re here and we’d love to help! Reach out at or (800) 523-6933

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